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about us

Our introduction

We focus on the Television of the Future and intend to provide technologies for a Global Mobile Internet Platform to allow people to watch any TV content anywhere, anytime.

There are already millions of users whom have installed CloudTV in over 100 countries and regions. Over 7,000 live TV channels are broadcasted by the CloudTV technology. We provide the end-end service to over 100 content providers. This service includes, but is not limited to content management, billing, payment, content exchange, customized APP, and content promotion. Moreover, there are over 600 Television and Media-Box manufacturers that are using the CloudTV services as well, specializing in OEM applications and their customer management.

Product and Services

  • CloudTV App

    The CloudTV app is designed to be used on multi-screen devices like tablets, cell phones, television sets, media boxes and other Android based devices. It provides global users with hundreds of live TV channels with stable and high definition picture quality from hundreds of diverse and content providers. Beyond this content, users can also enjoy powerful features including video recording, user uploaded media streams and custom channels.
  • CloudTV.bz

    CloudTV.bz is the leading OTT platform for Industry Leaders whom need to manage their OTT business for trade in the exchange of content packages and services. With this platform, anyone without any technical resources, can easily establish their own global OTT business. We have provided a total solution from customized mobile Apps to CMS and Billing systems. Everything aimed at saving time and money for both Content and Service providers in the swiftly changing world of telecommunications.
  • OEM Support

    Any partner who is interested in either providing their own content or distributing content aggregated by Cloud TV, can apply for an OEM version of Cloud TV mobile app, which is able to be managed by the partners accounted with the Cloud TV.bz platform. This customized mobile app has the partner's contact, name and other information.



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